Prompt: She studied her face in the mirror. . .

She studied her face in the mirror. Her eyes moved slowly all over her wrinkled face. It seemed like she was looking at the face of a stranger.

Who was this old woman in the mirror?

Could it be possible that time had ravaged those once beautiful features? She looked again, and had no choice but to acknowledge that indeed, time and tide wait for no one. Like a flower in full bloom, that same flower will wilt and eventually die.

She studied her face again and this time she began to smile. A thought had come to her mind and it was a thought she could truly relish. It was a word from scripture. Yes, she recalled the words of the prophet Isaiah. What was it he said? He had written that no matter what her age, God would still love her and be with her. Now, that was crucial and that was all that really mattered.

With peace in her heart, she could now smile more brightly and as she did so, she saw a glimpse of the beauty that had always been hers, since her youth. She is beautiful. She always will be.

“Until your old age I shall be the same, until your hair is grey I shall carry you. As I have done, so I shall support you, I myself shall carry and shall save you.” (Isaiah 46:4 – New Jerusalem Bible)

“Even to your old age I am the same, even when your hair is gray I will bear you; It is I who have done this, I who will continue, and I who will carry you to safety.” (Isaiah 46:4 – New American Bible)


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