Prompt: Red eyes

Red eyes. She had been crying the whole night. It was too late. The decision had been made and there was no going back on her word.

Why did she do such a thing? Was it right? Why did she refuse his proposal for their marriage? All these questions raced through her mind as she tried again and again to reject the answers that came.

For one thing she was certain that such a marriage could never take place. It would certainly go against the teaching of the church, and she would not ever wish to do what was sinful or unacceptable to God. Hence the fact that she had spent a whole night crying was also a challenge to her own conscience. Now she was clear that she had made the right choice. She had not betrayed herself.

With such a thought she got up from her bed, knelt on the cold floor and started to pray. With her eyes closed, she remained in total silence. There were no words. She could only keep still, and allow the presence of God to envelope her. It was a consolation. She was at peace now, totally convinced in the belief that she had made the right decision.

Now it was up to her to remain confident that the grace of God would see her through in the days to come. Her faith had been put to the test. Now she could walk with her head held high, sure that the next battle would again be won if she put her trust in the Lord.

Mind now calm with no more mad thoughts jumbling her up and making her all harassed, she got up very gently from the floor and started to hum a tune. It was a tune she had always loved. Amazing grace!


2 thoughts on “Prompt: Red eyes

  1. too familiar. Love you Jo. Love your eyes of depth Jo: eyes that see through the soul. Windows of our soul. You’ve seen through her pain/triumph – how oh how, in God’s mysterious grace; does my dear friend know? The beauty of The Spirit huh? *wink*

    1. The post was written in five minutes with no one in mind. It was spontaneous and if it spoke to any one, I say ‘Praise the Lord’!

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