Picture prompt – [Dancers in the desert]

The wind is blowing and it is getting stronger and stronger. I feel the wind moving across the sands, almost as if there is an unseen orchestra playing in the background. Ooooh…ooh…Ooooooh…the wind blows, and as it does so, I begin to see a dance on the sands of the desert.

The dancers are the creatures in the wild. They are free agents. Nothing can hold them down. Nothing frightens them; after all, are they not part of the environment? And so the rattlesnakes rap-tap-tap and they are happy. The scorpions raise their heads and they move their forelegs, almost mesmerised by the music of the wind. Oooh. . . ooh….ooooh!

I am here – a stranger on this land. I know not the ways of the wild. How do I fit in? I am but a creature of God, a creature made in God’s image and likeness. I am certainly far above the creatures of the desert, and for this I too can dance in abandonment to the providence of Creator God. Praise Him!


2 thoughts on “Picture prompt – [Dancers in the desert]

    1. I was thinking of a title and remembered St Charles de Foucauld’s dancing with the Lord. I have borrowed the title of the book ‘Dancers in the Desert’ unknowingly. His is the more exciting dance!

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