Picture prompt [Marks of a lone sojourner]


[This contribution follows Jo’s recent prompt with this picture.]

I envisage a long long walk through the wilderness of soft sand. I imagine my sandal-strapped feet pushing through the sand and making footprints on it. Specks of tiny sand embed themselves between my toes, cutting into areas of sensitive skin. Sometimes I stop to shake off the sand that irritate my feet and in that moment I take a breather, look around, and recognize the silence within and without me. I hear the soft whisper of a gentle breeze and I see shifting sand. I have more ground to cover so I raise my right foot again, then left foot, and I plod on and on.

The day has been long and the sun will soon set. I must make haste on this journey. I want to reach home. Way way beyond I turn back and I notice the footprints in the sand. Those were marks made with a purpose and I am glad for them. Each step was deliberate – the purposeful mark of a lone sojourner on the way home.



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