[thoughts on paper]

Prompt: “What is your fondest memory of the time you started to be aware that you could put your thoughts on paper?”

Is it the sensation of curling your fingers round a wooden pencil, placing its lead tip against paper, and with a gentle yet firm push on the clean white surface, watch your thoughts take shape in black and white?

Is it the lines and dots, shading and erasing that reveal your thoughts to be beyond words?

Pictures speak a thousand words. How fond it must be to learn since the age of four that you’re a girl of pictures and dramatic visuals? Creatively imaginative in drawing dreams, hopes, anger, hurts, cluelessness and every thought your mind could illustrate?

From a pencil you graduated to a pen; inking words that cannot be erased. Just like words spoken in adulthood are to be carefully considered.

What a fond awareness that nothing like pencil pen and paper could document?


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