Stretch to success

Rubber bands come in different shapes and sizes, colours and texture, but they work on the same principle. They MUST BE STRETCHED to be EFFECTIVE

So like the humble rubber bands, our personalities, our gifts, our talents, are all different and we are also NOT effective unless we are stretched.

I am currently reading some books by this author J C Maxwell, and in one of his books which speak about ” A challenge to stretch your God given talent” he mentioned in some details about this simple truth.  He says and I quote : ” Every person who has achieved anything for God, every person who has been effective has learned to stretch. One of the most common mistakes and one of the costliest is thinking that success is something due to some genius, some magic or something else which we do not possess. Success is DUE to our STRETCHING to the challenges of life. Failure comes when we shrink from them. “

In the bible, one of the first few people who was stretched was Abraham , when God called him out from a comfort zone to an unknown place where he would set up a new home and whereby God promised that his descendants would be plentiful like the stars of the universe and the sands of the seashore.  Imagine if Abraham was not stretched and did not say yes to God’s call.  I also love the story of Joseph, the other prince of Egypt before Moses, where he was stretched and his gifts of dreams and prophesy were used for the Glory of God and eventually so many beautiful story of love and forgiveness were told.

For me personally, I am stretching myself now, physically when I run my long distance runs, financially as I am managing my financial insurance business, and spiritually in this season of Lent when I ask God to stretch my faith further to trust Him to lead me to my true vocation here on earth and to provide for my family at the same time.

Let us all stretch together my friends

Michael Leong


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