A bottle of perfume

My life is like a bottle of perfume

In an exquisitely crafted bottle



I am like this bottle of perfume

Waiting to be released

Waiting to be discovered

Perfume, sweet-smelling perfume

Such is my life

Waiting to be discovered

To be released

Let it be, let it be

Open up this bottle

Take a whiff

Take one more

It is exclusive

One of a kind

I am exclusive in the hands of my Maker

Lord, I want to release this fragrance

That the world may enjoy

May give you praise

May find delight in accepting me

And thus, in loving me, the world will love you

Or should I say

That loving you, they will surely love me too.


Once unbottled, the fragrance in this bottle of perfume cannot be held back.

I want to be enjoyed by all, to give witness to your love in me.

When this fragrance fills the world, the world will be a more beautiful place.

How wonderful this image is to me, my God!


Each of us

A bottle of perfume

To be lavished

Upon a poor world

A world broken and torn

Exquisite, exclusive bottles of perfume are we

All waiting to be enjoyed

All shapes and sizes

All filled fully

All waiting to be released

Once used, the bottle returns to its Maker

Praise God!

I wrote the above upon my return from one of my first sessions at the Writing Workshop conducted by Diana and Roselie. It was on 23 February 2009. I was grateful to our Lord for giving me a spurt of creative energy, to discover and to spill it all out. . . so many ideas, so many thoughts all waiting to be released. And so I seized the chance to write it all out before I retired for the night.


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