Stealing Heaven

It is sheer grace. The good thief on the cross in his final moments heard the sweetest sounds on earth – Today you will be with me in paradise. One can still hear them today. The mercies of the Lord are new every  morning, new every morning. 

Ah, sheer grace! Serene received the joy of the four Sacraments all at one go – Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Communion, and Anointing of the Sick. She was smiling broadly all the while, and she had every reason to. She became the first Catholic in her family, and her godmother was a nun who had taken time and effort to catechise her in her final days on earth.

Such grace! I was blessed to have been one of the many witnesses in the hospice to share her joy. As I held her hand, she asked for my name and I told her. At that moment it seemed we made a vital connection, and of course we did. She was now my sister in Christ.

Sheer grace! The Author of Life who had ordained the exact number of days for her saw it fit to call her Home only about a week after new life was bestowed upon her.  And I was at the side of the coffin yesterday looking at her with holy envy, if I may term it this way. She looked beautiful. Our sister was in the coffin asleep, and she will rise again to eternal life. What a welcome in heaven!

Such grace! I said a prayer. . .  Sheer grace!  How blessed you are, Serene!  Thank God for the communion of saints!


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