Hanging by a thread

Your life hangs by a thread.

How true and yet how seldom do we hold on to this point so as to do our best to live each day well. At the funeral mass of a man of God today, I could not help but meditate on the fragility of my own life.

Here today, gone tomorrow. When will I fold up my tent and return to our Lord?

Yes, this is frequently a topic delightful to meditate upon, far from strange. I know that the teenage St Dominic Savio used to meditate regularly on death. He went home at the age of 15!

Once a soldier was plagued by these questions: How long more? How long more must I wait for you? How long more are you going to carry on with your infidelity to Me?

It made him sit up only when a friend of his died of a sudden heart attack. That was the shock. That was the sound of the trumpet for him. He took stock of his life, counted the losses and decided that it would be better and wiser to be a winner. Metanoia – spiritual conversion – was given him.  Today he continues to watch and to wait for the summon. It will come for sure and, when it does, he will be ready.

Survey your life. . . Where are you heading? Do you see darkness or do you have the guidance of Light?

May the soul of Fr. Noel Chin and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace!


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