Who Am I

I am me, nobody is the same as me
I have my talents
I have my flaws
I have my beliefs
I have my doubts
I have my friends
I have my foes
I am somebody, not a nobody
I am unique, just the way I am
Created in the image of God
To be Christ-like I shall strive
I am not perfect
Neither is any
I have my faults
Some that I am aware of
Others I might not
I am a human
Not yet a saint
I have my strays, but yet I found my way


Sometimes, I wonder
Out of all the rush
Where is my God?
Where is he?
At times he does not seem to answer
And I feel so lost
Many times in parts of my life
I have doubted
But hope
That hope
Is a stubborn emotion
Not a wishful thinking- that carries me forward
To know that tomorrow will be a better day

People judge me on my past
My past haunts me at times
What a rebel
What a devil
In change I believe
It is the only thing that is constant
A progress of change is where I am at
2 steps forward, not looking back
Yesterday was history
Tomorrow is a mystery
In hope all things are possible
Spirit over mind
Soul over heart

Friends? What are they?
Some are true, others are not
Choose them wisely
For at the end of the day
You will suffer
I realised who my true friends are
In times of need, they will always be there
They leave you not behind
They believe in what you are
For they see things in you
You as a person cannot see
True friends remain
And we all have a true friend
In common
Through a bond
In church
In Jesus


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