My heart was pounding as I drew to a stop. I had been too fast. Now my hands were also trembling and when the man came up to me, I expected the worst. Soon tears started to stream down my cheeks. I did not try to wipe them away. In so many ways they were so necessary, helping to give me some relief. How had it all happened?

A moment of silence ensued. Then a gentle but firm voice said,

“Madam, you almost killed yourself!”

What a relief that was for me. I had half expected to be reprimanded but no, I was not. I had heard so many comments about these men. Now, before me stood one of these men and he was so kind, I felt that it would have been better if he had given me a lecture on speeding.  

What have I heard? Well, it is often said that traffic policemen can be heartless and once they catch you red handed, they can be really nasty and difficult to deal with.

Untrue. Untrue.

This was the story I had just heard this morning.

Permission was granted to me to write about it.

So here you are.

Caught but spared.

Caught but not booked for dangerous driving.

Just a warning.

A lesson learnt.

A lesson cherished.

Praise God!


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