How Has Photography Inspired Me

I’m sure many of us have our times where we searched aimlessly, always wondering what our God-given talents are. I’m sure many of us are unlike those rare few who have that hidden potential to play musical instruments, sing, dance or play sports.

Well, I was a drifting soul. Drifting from hobby to hobby. First I liked basketball and I wanted to be an NBA superstar (ridiculous as it might sound). Then I liked to mix songs, but I’m never musically inclined so it all came out messy. Then I tried dressing up (still do) and it was fun but it is still lacking something. I don’t really know how to explain it but then I found photography, both in nature and in fashion, and I know this is my talent.

Why do I love photography more than any other? It is not because I’m superb at it; in fact, I still have my flaws. I still have much to learn. But that feeling of satisfaction when capturing a great photo is great, that satisfaction makes me happy.

Then you begin to appreciate the beauty and splendour the world has to offer. Even the tiniest detail could be made into something so spectacular that it is a marvel to the eye. Seeing how nature works in its spectacular ways is truly amazing.

If you’re down and out, just take a camera or an iphone and go take a walk about in a garden. Slowly embrace the wind blowing through your hair and hear the birds chirp. Once you see a flower in full bloom, stop and snap. I went on a nature walk with my church group once and I must say everyone was awed by the wildlife.

I leave you writers with a picture I took a few days back. Never planned for the shot – it was just a sudden inspiration.


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