A passionate seeker of the truth

It was with much gratitude that I turned to the Office of Readings this morning, to read once more those famous and oft quoted words of the great saint whose feast we celebrate today – St Augustine of Hippo. As I read the famous lines Late Have I Loved You . . . those words soon became my own. Late have I loved you, Lord!

The story of his conversion, “Confessions”, has moved many including saints like Teresa of Avila. And so it is with this thought that I think this blog can be helpful for us to write and to share. Here we open ourselves up to others and in doing so, we share our lives and we share our faith journeys. We allow time for all to sit in silence, to ponder for a while. . . . Our words may or may not mean much to one and all. But, open to the grace of God, we can be little instruments in the way we live.  Smiles, laughter, joy, tears, anguish and pain – they are all a part of our human existence. No one need be too shy or proud to admit that we need on going conversion like St Augustine. He was humble and with that grace, he lived out his final days until his death.

Yes, we all need a permanent conversion. And I love this thought. It gives me much hope. I am not a finished product. God continues to touch my life and to change me as long as I wish to remain pliable like clay in his hands. The Master Potter – yes, he will make of me whatever he will. My part is to seek and do his will, and allow him to lead me to eternal life. Amen.


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