A symphony of love

What is playing in your heart right now? (5 minutes)

In my heart I hear a symphony – loud, clear, melodious. It is a symphony so grand as it is being played for the entire universe. It is not restricted to a concert hall, no matter how big or how grandly constructed.
My symphony is for the whole world.
A symphony of love, the love of God so strong, so powerful, so endearing.
A symphony that speaks of the love of God – unconditional, unparalleled.
No one can play this symphony of love better.
Only God is able to orchestrate it.
It is a symphony of love – unconditional, unfailing.
No one can restrict it.
No concert hall can contain it.

Can you hear the symphony of God?
Can you sense its beauty?
Can you enjoy the call that is being issued again and again?
Like waves rolling back and forth,


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