It’s a Purple Snake!

1275541_10151905471172433_700649781_oDear Little Snail, I need to talk to you. May I ask you a few questions? First of all, you look so wise, and it seems to me that you have something up your sleeve. If I may say so, you are a very brave creature. Slow in your movement you may be, but certainly you are not slow in your thinking. Tell me, dear Little Snail, what you were doing in the garden. Tell me why you are so close to Sister Snake. What were you two going to do?

Everything seems so rich and luxuriant to me. The colours are rich and they spell LUXURY loudly and clearly. Maybe I can add this other point: CLASS. Yes, it is such a classy part of the jungle. I have no idea how much fun you were having there. And where were you two heading?

I know I am asking a lot of questions. Are there answers? What about Gerry whom you met? What have you to say about her creation?

I would say that her perseverance is bearing fruit. Who would have dreamed that within her was such a lovely rendition of the forest. Look at the colours. Look at the shapes. Look at the details.

Hey, Little Snail, I like the way you are carrying your shell. It is lovely, simply lovely. And now, over to you, Sister Snake. . . have you anything to add?

Don’t talk to me about Gerry. She made a mess with me. She spent more time on other areas and almost wanted to abandon me. But I have to admit that she has made me more beautiful than I could ever have been. I was so down, so small and so despised for the role played by the serpent in the Garden of Eden. You cannot blame me for feeling small since one of my kind did such a despicable act. Thank God I am not that snake in the Garden with Adam and Eve. Thank God indeed. Or how would I have been depicted? Gross. Ugly.

Thank you dear Little Snail and dear Sister Snake. . . . S. . .S . . . .S  Alliteration. Poetry. Yes, I shall be able to compose some poetry now, having looked at this part of the jungle. Here goes:

A lovely warm day it was

A hasty walk I took

But I was told to slow down

Slow down since there is time to spare

Slow down and don’t rush through

You will be fine

You will be fine

I can assure you that you will do well to take your time

Create and enjoy what you do

Enjoy the colours

Feel the textures

Let your eyes feast on what you see before you

A part of the jungle

Hidden from the world but not hidden from you

You see its beauty

You draw it out

You experience the mystery of having done that

And so here you go again

A rich panorama you have before you

Take time to meditate

Take time to reflect

You can see the things that are to be found

You can see the symbolism

Yes, indeed, and then you will again discover

The mystery

The mystery

The mystery

Thanks to Franciscan Friar John Quigley! It was his guidance that led my artist friend Gerry to paint this interesting piece of Art. What does it say to you?


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