True Love

What is Love? What is True or False Love? Where does Love originate from?

Love comes from God originally, but Love in our own life comes first from our parents. Then it spreads to the rest of our families, relatives, our friends, teachers, mentors, boyfriends/girlfriends, spouses, children, grandchildren and so on.
Because he loved us, God specially made this world for us to live in, and through his divine love was his creation of Adam & Eve, our first common ancestors in his own image. Through his love, he made the Covenant with Abraham and named Israel the land of our own. Through his love, he crushed the Egyptians as they were pursuing Moses and his fellow Israelites to the river, saving them. Through his Love, he sent his only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ to suffer just for us sinners. Through his love, we have life, peace and we see his love spread to couples who get married.                       True Love comes from God.
You may often think of the word ‘Love’ as Romance. It may not be always true. You can love by donating money to unfortunate people in your country or in poor foreign lands such as Africa, showing respect or kindness to people, being present to people who get bullied at school or are frustrated at work. These too are acts of Love and it is true love if you really mean it as you do it and not for the sake of just doing it.
In relationships, when the female loves the male just because the male has a lot of money and when the male loves the female because the female is good looking, we do not see real love.  That is false love or what we commonly call infatuation. It might be not infatuation, but a married couple can easily break up when either partner cheats  or neglects the other, caused by the Deceiver from down below. [Do not let him influence you and your relationship,  but pray to God to ward him off.]
When couples love each other and love ‘in spite of’, unconditional lasting love till the end of the couples’ lives, we see true love. True Love is when you deny yourself of something for someone’s sake. True love is how God loves all of us  and in spite of the many stupid things we do that are against him, his love is unconditional. So my point is that we spread his love to the rest of the world, the love that this world cannot give.


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