A story without a title

Have you heard today a story without a title?  Without a title for it is the story of a person’s life. A person’s life is so unique, pertaining only to that person’s life, and that person’s life is important. That person’s life is important. Life is important. Important it is because it is a soul ransomed by God. Ransomed by the Blood of the Lamb.

The Blood of the Lamb has washed us clean and we can lift high our heads to live as children of God. To live as children of God is a privilege given us. A privilege given us to enjoy and to cherish.

To enjoy and to cherish this one life, this solitary life. This one life, this solitary life is precious to God. This solitary life is precious to God, and one sees God’s hand in it. One sees God’s hand in it clearly, or how could this one  life go on? How could this one life go on if God did not help that person? If God did not help that person, that person would have sunk into despair, a disaster no one wants. No one wants to go it alone. To go it alone is too tough. Too tough – to go it alone. To go it alone? Who can cope? Who can handle the issues of living decently on this earth?

Living decently on this earth is a challenge best done with the help of our Saviour. The help of our Saviour is sweet for his yoke is easy and his burden light. His yoke is easy and his  burden light, so  we turn to the Lord for all our needs and he will lift us up. He will lift us up and we will be able to continue on life’s long journey.

Life’s long journey may seem long but it really isn’t. It really isn’t compared to eternity and so let us continue to persevere. To persevere, we need one another. We need one another to keep on moving till we reach our Home, and that is what we can  be sure of. We can be sure of that as God is faithful, and so let us hasten on our way. . . .


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