Seeking His Presence

“Seek the presence of God in all things – in conversation with others, in walking, in looking, in tasting, in hearing, in understanding and all that we do, since it is a fact that his divine majesty is everywhere by his presence, power and essence.”

Here are words we can consider. How true! The Holy Presence of God pervades the entire universe. God is Creator. God is Master. He is Lord of all. All in heaven, on earth, under the earth, in fact, every place conceivable, belong to Him. I recall what one retreat master used to say to us who were helping out year in and year out. He told us that strictly speaking, we were not needed.

Are you shocked?

You needn’t be for the priest made a relevant point. God has no need of us. After all, apart from Him we can do nothing. But our loving Father loves us and desires that we have a share in serving those He has given us. How delightful a thought, and how true! He has given us His Son who teaches us how to wash the feet of others. He wants us to serve with generosity for He loves a cheerful giver.

Lest we get carried away and forget that we are really children totally dependent on our Abba Father, we need to be mindful that we have no right to make demands. We certainly have no right to impose on others or, as the Bible says it so well, we are not to lord it over others. Let our service be done with love, and then joy will follow!

And here I really want to add that when we contribute to the blog, we  too are doing others a service. Many of the articles posted here in this blog are from the young – both in age and in experience, in their faith journey and in their writing – but every article is contributed with generosity. The article just posted recently about True Love is an example. It comes from an enthusiastic young man who desires so much to share his new found faith. He is a young Christian but he is sharing with joy what he himself has learnt. For me that is truly seeking the Presence of God, and that joy no one can take away. Praise the Lord!

The words quoted above come from the Founder of the Society of Jesus, St Ignatius of Loyola. Praise God!


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