Write is spelt W-R-I-T-E

Lately, wherever I look, I seem to have words jumping out at me.

What kind of words?

Words – all kinds. Perhaps I should say, I am reading a great deal more on the craft of writing, or as I personally prefer to say, the charism of writing.

I suppose I could also say that the desires of the heart cause one to search more widely. The Good Shepherd too is at hand to help. So I look and I see, and then I find, and some of these findings are just delightful.

What makes my heart sing for joy is the fact that in so many parts of the world, now that the social media can connect us so swiftly and almost effortlessly, there are people who share similar interests. When I read some of the articles from various blogs, I dare say that I sense that we are really a community of writers and more especially, believers in the Lord.

And so I smile when a young person I approach takes the courage to write and contribute to this blog. Wonderful!

Thank God!

May more take their minds and souls to a quiet place.

May more take time to ponder and reflect.

May many more take courage to share.

Thanks, Lord, for helping us to connect!


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