Singapore: Our Promised Land

As stated in the Bible, Old Testament, God gave the land of Israel to Abraham and we know Israel as the Promised Land, the holy land. Israel was given by a covenant between God and Abraham
For us Singaporeans, God gave us our own land, Singapore, but it was given to us not by a covenant but through his love for us. God is the Creator, the One who made the Earth in the Book of Genesis. Therefore God is  the One who located our island at a strategic location for trade. In history, we learn that our British colonial rulers situated a port there, the port that has boosted us with trade and prosperity these many years since the founding of our Nation.
Not only did God give us the strategic location, He has also granted us safety, and we are free from disasters. 
Of all the things God gave us, I can count also the fact that our ancestors came here, and that includes my paternal and maternal grandparents. Even though they suffered persecution during the Japanese Occupation, especially my kin, the Singaporean Chinese, it is by God’s grace that our forefathers survived that war.  It is also by HIs grace that my parents have received the gift of faith in God. My Father became a Catholic though he was born in a Buddhist/Taoist family, and he spread the Good News to his two sons.
Our country is favoured by God indeed. We have to repay His favour through prayer and worship. Singapore is our promised land, like the Promised Land granted to the Israelites thousands of years ago. Singapore is our homeland, and we will defend our country with all our hearts. May the Holy Spirit be our Guide.

Prayer for Singapore: We praise you and glorify you Jesus for your wonderful ways and your powerful presence in our midst. May your continual grace cleanse and deliver this beautiful city of Singapore from sin, bondage and all evil designs.       

Holy Spirit, powerful counsellor, sacred bond of the Father and the Son, descend into our hearts and establish us in your loving dominion. Grant each of us the gifts and charism we need to build your Body, the Church. Through you, with you and in you, we pray that Singapore may soon become the ‘Spiritual Powerhouse of South East Asia’ and that every young person’s heart may be consumed by your love. Amen.

Be with us Mary, guide every step we take. Lead us to Jesus, your loving Son. Come with us Mary, come. Amen.


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