Hair for Hope


<Now that my hair has finally grown back and I’ve gone back to my old cool hairstyle, I can finally write this without worries. Photo Credits to Jo Liow; Location: Church of the Holy Spirit >

 4 October 2013, the Feast of St Francis of Assisi, the poor man of Christ and now one of the greatest saints known to us, was the day I made a decision to do something significant. My hair that had been there for me all of my 15 years since I was a toddler met its fate. Shaving my head for the good of all kids who suffer from cancer, the disease that is even more serious than my own medical condition, was a good reason. Everyday, about at least five children die from cancer. Those who are lucky enough and have the means to receive treatment still have to go through the horrific fate of Chemotherapy leaving them with bald heads for more than three months ( the normal duration would be three months to grow, and mine took one and a half month to grow back.)

It began when my Class Advisor started asking for volunteers for the event. For the Glory of God, I volunteered. One head shaven equals to $100 donated to the kids with cancer. I knew that I was doing a good deed by shaving my hair off even though I was shaving off one of my prized possessions. I thought to myself,

” Do this in honour of the Lord. Do this for your neighbours that he has instructed you to love.”

By shaving my hair off, I suppressed my Pride (one of the cardinal sins) and spread the peace of God’s love to the people who needed it.

The aftermath, well to be honest…. I felt sorry and almost regretted my decision. I then thought to myself,

” Why did I shave my hair, knowing that it will take so long to grow?”

The following day,  5 Oct, for my regular RCIY Saturday session, I  had to wear a cap to conceal my ‘bald’ head. Fortunately the weeks went past, and God knew what I wanted. It took three months for my female classmate to grow her hair back from July to September. It took me less than a month: 4 Oct to 25 Nov, all through the grace of God.

Overall, I am glad that I had participated, giving me a chance to help those cancer patients. I might participate again in future events like this, but . . . . I’d  rather have my hair attached to me. Thanks and praise be to God that I went for this event. It really was not so bad after all!


2 thoughts on “Hair for Hope

  1. Constantine
    I enjoyed the purity and simplicity of your writing. There is a certain amount of innocence there which I cannot put my finger on.. Thank you for sharing your intimate moments. I hope to see you one day and say hello face to face

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