The lover and the beloved

This is marvellous.

What is marvellous?

This is marvellous.

What is? Tell me!

Sure. . . in a moment. Listen. Listen to  my tale. Enjoy it if you can. If you cannot, then at least know that I’ve tried. Okay… now. Be patient. The story will soon be told. Here it goes.

A story of two lovers.

Ah, that sounds so interesting.

People start to imagine and wonder what I’m going to say. Two lovers? Yes, it is the story of the Lover and the beloved.

This story started a long time ago but the beloved did not discover this truth until much later. One could safely say that the truth is being revealed in stages. No one can hear a story of a life time in one go, and that is the reason for the  story being told a little at a time.

Here we are, at a later stage of the story. The Lover and the beloved. Their relationship has grown closer in recent years. There is more peace of soul. There is more joy of heart.

Who is the Lover? Who is the beloved? It is one and it is also the other. Not at all surprising, is it? After all, we are talking about a relationship that calls for a response. To be fair, God is the one who invites and he has loved from time immemorial.

O how wonderful!

This is a story that has  no ending. The Lover continues to love the beloved. The beloved must keep responding.

Are you the Lover? Or do you think you are more likely the beloved?

The answer ought to be pretty obvious. I have not the love of the Lover. I know not how to love as He loves – unconditionally, unfailingly. I am the beloved. Happy to be so. Amen.


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