I know I am on the right path….

I know I am on the right path because God has shown his mighty hand at work in my life so far through the many experiences in my life. In particular when I began to take my faith seriously and when I was trying to return to him like the prodigal son, I felt His love for me as a personal God, not an angry God.

This is the right path on the life of service for others. To be asked to give up something precious and dear to me, like a relationship that was certainly going to bear fruit in time, in order to take the road less travelled by. I have often wondered, “What if I had not been on this road less travelled by?” But this only gives me more anxieties and worries, more questions than answers. The options of “what-if” are my good plans that I’ve worked out to mathematical precision, but with the coldness that lacks joy.

The road less travelled by indeed has not been easy, filled with tears, pained “yes’s” and hard work. But they now fill me with great satisfaction and great joy. I may not now have absolute certainty,  but I have the Absolute on my side and the center of my focus – the North star to lead me home.


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