My Dreams and Desires

In our lives, we are limited to what we can only afford. We are limited to what we have. If only we can change our lives, we could live our life as we would wish.

Imagine that you have unlimited wishes to completely change your lives and have whatever you want,  be it wealth, appearance or fame . . .

If it were up to me, these are the things I would wish for and all would be fulfilled…. First, I would love to do away with my allergies and eczema. When that is done, I would want my family to be wealthy so that we live in high-rise penthouses or mansions with 24/7 air-conditioned rooms,  or in houses that are luxurious, with a swimming pool, a tennis field etc., in fact, anything a regular rich person’s house could ever be. 

I would want to be famous, respected and loved by everyone. I would love to be rich and enjoy luxuriously at home. I would not be the regular teenage boy anymore who would get bullied in school, but I would be the rich person whom everyone respects.  I would want to get good grades. When all that is done, I would then look for my soul-mate, one who is not so demanding despite my being rich. Get married, settle down and have children!  My future occupation would be the boss of a restaurant after having studied Food Business and be the best SME that Singapore and the rest of the world has ever seen. And my business would carry on till the day of judgement as my descendants would experience the same prosperity that I had wished for. Most importantly, I would be just right now to have free time to spend with my friends and family and also to maybe pick up Dating.

However, this is only my dreams and desires; they are only wishes. Oh how I wish that money would drop from the sky like how manna dropped from the sky. But it doesn’t happen like that . . . it just doesn’t happen like that. Pitiful, isn’t it? Manna could drop from the sky, so why not money?

Now as we read the word of the Lord. Matthew 7:7—–> “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” It is for sure we cannot ask for money, but I could ask God to give me the grace and wisdom to get good grades for my future exams and to look for the perfect woman/girl for me. Starting a business is not easy task, but with his divine help, I will succeed. When I ask for it, he will provide for me as he always does when we are in trouble.


One thought on “My Dreams and Desires

  1. I like your humour. Seriously, we have been given the best life we could ever have; but it takes faith to believe that this is so!

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