Tribute to my Friend & Brother in Christ, Clarence

Dear Clarence,

Tonight was the first time I heard that you were joining the seminary. To be honest, I never thought that anyone from our group would ever join the priesthood. Not Brennan, Eugene and even my godfather Jude. But you, good luck in your endeavours.

The way of priesthood is a long and perilous one through the eight years. Knowing you, your faith is already good but when you become a priest, I am sure it will be upgraded. I will always remember the time we met was the time you came to our registration booth looking to become a sponsor. Then as we journeyed through from one session to another, you became one of my good and most trusted friends, like the rest of the friends I have met through my  faith journey. It has been good working with you. When you become a priest in about 8 years’ time. . . if you should be posted to our parish. . . . if this should be so…. and if my life then, with my own agenda and time permit me, I would choose to continue serving as a sponsor or even be a catechist for the rest of my life. Then I would work with you again.

Again, good luck for the journey ahead. Become a great priest! Bonne Chance, mon ami!

Your Friend and Brother in Christ, Ryan Constantine Chong


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