Day of Recollection 21 Dec 13


This article is my sequel/second part to the earlier article “Camaraderie” by Josephine.

So yesterday, gosh… Let’s put it this way. . . I was supposed to reach church by 9am to help Elizabeth, the co-ordinator, set up for the whole-day event. In the end, due to my usual late night computer gaming, the time I was supposed to be at the church was when I woke up from my sleep. At 9am, I had only a sandwich and a glass of Ribena for breakfast as I had to rush quickly to church before I was too late. I hastily grabbed what I needed: My Bible, my journal. Because I left in a haste, I forgot my rosary which was needed.

When I arrived, man, I was exhausted and sleepy. Thank God there was coffee that morning. It was the first time I made coffee myself as I always bought coffee from the Nescafe vending machine at school. I had a little help from Genevieve preparing my coffee. Enough of the sleepiness: it was time to get to work!

Our first activity was a session from Father Benedict. It is a method of prayer that allows us to imagine being in the events of the gospel. We could imagine to be Mary or any other people who were the ones who had met the Lord person to person. This method promotes communion with God and the use of scriptures also enables us to study, ponder and pray.

We were assigned to choose a phrase or sentence from the gospel of St. Luke. My group chose the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. My group consisted of Brendan, Brennan, Ryan Raphael Chia, Sharlene and myself. Brennan was Angel Gabriel, Sharlene was Mother Mary, Me as the narrator, Ryan and Brendan as our directors. After acting out the scene of the annunciation according to the gospel, we then sang a carol of Hark the Herald Angel Sing to entertain our other friends. (Note: my idea entirely.)

Afterwards, we went down to the chapel for the catechumens’ first rosary session. Having prayed the rosary a few times, I taught Clara how to use it. Then came lunch, and other sessions like Moral Christian Living, Mass Etiquette, Eugene’s carolling practices and finally our reflection for the year.

One of my reflection questions was on my life as a RCIY Sponsor. Here was my answer: Being a RCIY Sponsor can be tiresome and perilous. It leaves me with little time for my own personal agenda such as Family Bonding or even dating. This year, in term 4, all my lessons ended at 5p.m. except on Fridays. On Saturdays we have our RCIY sessions and on Sundays I have Mass, & the routine repeats itself. In the first place the reason why I wanted to join the sponsorship was because I myself had been inspired by my own sponsors in the past year, 2012. When I first joined, it seemed fun at first. But  time and busyness of schoolwork and church commitments got the better of me.  It was then that I was completely surrounded by all of these things, and the cross that I carried became heavier and heavier as my school bagpack also got heavier.

What added more weight to my cross was constant hounding from Satan and several ITE classmates who tempted me to lose my cool. RCIY almost  became a chore as the initial fun had run out. Were it not for my friends, I would have left long time ago to enjoy the world of opportunities. I am still here because of them.

After reflection, we talked a bit more. Went for mass. Then it was dinner with most of our families present to eat with us in church. For dinner, I had my cousin Yip Siew and my godbrother Ryan Ow to come. Joshua Jeremiah, Ryan Ow and myself were from last year’s group, so it was a mini reunion for the three of us. Too bad Maximilian, also from last year’s batch, left as he had an another event in the night; if not, we would have had a more joyful reunion. We finally called it a day.

Fellowship, Brotherhood, Companionship and Camaraderie: these are things we as friends have together. No matter how much Satan tries to turn me against my friends, he will never succeed. Our bond of friendship is too strong to be severed. We are not only friends but also Brothers and Sisters in Christ. We are the children of the Lord. We are called to bring peace and we shall do His bidding. May our Faith and Love for each other be never-ending!


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