Clean up your Plate!

Ever remember the time when you were little, your mother would always tell you to clean up your plate. ” Ryan ah, finish your Rice!!” It’s the same with every mother of the children of the “modern” generation. Personally, my mother would ask me to clean up my plate of all the rice, meat and vegetables, especially with vegetables…. Even now, my maid, on Ma’s instruction, would give me lots of broccoli mixed with some minced pork. Though there is meat and I would try to eat it I would often end up lying that I was full and not eat the rest of my meal, mostly veggies, yuck! Yup, eating veggies has been something I’ve been working on so far. Hey, I do eat lettuce, pickles, tomatoes in my Turkey Ham sandwich from Subway.

Vegetables may be a exception for me, but not other kinds of foods. For me personally, I have been having food allergies ever since from birth. Doctor’s orders were in good intent but also torturous at the same time, like the Chinese saying: “The Medicine is bitter, but heals at the same time.” I am not able to enjoy many kinds of food such as sausages, ham, bacon to burgers, and even wheat/gluten. However, I would always eat all other types of good food, usually behind my parents’ backs; even in church I would eat the biscuits there as I seldom eat them at home. With all these, I would still eat the food cooked at home. Every breakfast would always be the same daily:minced meat porridge. Lunch would be meat with rice. Who just doesn’t love beef or salmon, after eating them on a regular weekly basis? I’ve grown to love them. As a son of the Lord, I would treasure all the gifts he has bestowed upon us.

Let us look into our lives, brothers and sisters. At parties especially during Christmas, Chinese New Year & Easter…. At buffets and restaurants I would go or pass by to see leftover food being thrown away when it cannot be packed and taken away for some reason, such as the fridge(s) at home are full. At fast food outlets or coffee shops, some of us would leave a major portion of food on our plate. We are fortunate, we really are…. We have a great bounty of food. Look at malnourished countries such as Africa, Syria and the Middle East. Opportunists who wage wars may claim that they are doing so for the less fortunate people or for the glory of their god though the truth is that they are merely doing it for themselves, for their own gain, for things that would benefit them. Many ordinary people who do not want any part of the war are malnourished because of selfish and self-centred individuals. Not just war-torn countries, but countries which experience disaster. Take the Typhoon Haiyan for example. However, the Philippines has been blessed to receive relief aid in a short period of time. When we look at such nations, we see how fortunate we are.

Please remember what Jesus teaches about food wastage in the word of God, John 6:12 

 “And when they had eaten their fill, he told his disciples, “Gather up the leftover fragments, that nothing may be lost.”

So, no matter how old we are, we clean up our plate, be thankful we have food to eat. After all, food, no matter how bad or good, fills our stomach and that always makes me happy.


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