The Gift of Writing

To start off, I would really like to thank the person who invited me to join this blog. It was for the better, writing during the holidays rather than playing games for the whole term of holidays. My discovered gift of writing was a hidden talent indeed though I was already a rookie at it before joining this blog. If you had read my profile and for those who haven’t, I was an editor for a few wikis at Wikia. The most notable wiki I had worked on was a wiki on the tv show Kids Next Door (KND Code Module) which I watched and loved as a boy till even now though I don’t watch it anymore; age has caught up with me though I still have fond memories of it. Besides editing, it was either diary-writing (seldom) or school/tuition essay assignments.

When I joined this blog or I should say the writing session that was organized, I  discovered my hidden talent of writing. This is how we writers are trained to write our wonderful articles. We start with a ‘prompt’ and continue from there following a continual essay system. We will then give ourselves five minutes to write and see what we come up with in the end. That writing session is very effective and useful for personal journal-writing reflection.

However,  I for one prefer my own method of writing. In our everyday lives, many events, some of them colourful, would happen. I would take these events that I would probably be inspired by and use them as subjects for the articles. This article is good but becomes ineffective when one runs out of inspirations and ideas. When I run out, I would wait till I come up with something to write, even when I am being hounded for new articles. My method really focuses on everyday events and are merely reflections and the twists that I give them help me to focus on what God teaches me,  much like particular events written in the Bible.

I would like to thank the readers on behalf of all the authors here: Thank you for your undivided attention. Thank you for all your support so far! Because of you, the blog is a bit more alive. If you do like my posts, I thank you and really appreciate it. If you want more, the articles will be here before you know it. . .  until I run out of ideas. Thank you so much and may God bless you all!. Thank you!!


3 thoughts on “The Gift of Writing

  1. Ah, that was it: to take you from your addiction to games! But also, to allow you to show case your writing gift. All is gift. Praise God!

  2. Constantine just another thought came to my mind. God’s gifts to us are never ending. We thought we have already received all His gift but because He is the source of all gifts, He will continue to surprise us.. He cannot be outdone in generosity. like what our dear friend Josephine always remind me

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