My Expectations for the movie ‘Son of God’

If you didn’t know by now, Son of God, originally part of the Bible mini series will be a movie to be shown starting on 28th February 2014. This is a movie that I really hope to see. Will it be shown here? Most unlikely, and it would be beyond my control.  This is  a Christian film I would dearly like to see and so, perhaps we can all  pray that it will not bypass us here in Singapore.

I have not watched the Bible mini-series as it is not available or if it was, I would not know. Don’t mind me when my opinions are wrong. My expectations of this would be similar to that of a movie critic. I would say that this film will be able to show to non-Christians (if they watch this movie) of how God/Jesus is pure everlasting love, and it is the tender love that baptised catholics like ourselves experience everytime: the sense of calm, peace; also, the feeling that we know that we are never ever alone. 

I would want this movie to encourage ‘lost sheep’ like my father and brother or ignorant lukewarm Catholics such as myself. Sometimes it seems  we have two different personalities: In church and outside of church. We could do with such a movie as we need to be  re-evangelised. How good it will be when all the lost ones return to God’s flock.

I am truly glad for the making of this film and would be truly grateful if this movie could be shown in Singapore. If it does, hopefully my RCIY group and I can watch the movie together and since it is PG13 rating, all of us should be suitable to watch. Apart from that, I’m sure that many people are like me, eagerly awaiting for the film to be released here.



7 thoughts on “My Expectations for the movie ‘Son of God’

  1. You should be able to find the Bible series DVD set in SG. Saw one in laser flair lot 1 the other day. Sad they aren’t showing the movie here though..

      1. Wow! How wonderful this news is! Just hope I can find time to catch it. . . may be after Easter.

  2. Hello! Son of God will be available at Golden Village, premiering on 17th of April and we hope you can come watch it with your church/friends/family! For a large group, a private screening can be organised, hence we hope you’ll let your pastors know about it. We have a facebook page set up to keep Singaporean fans updated, do join us!

    1. Praise be to God, thank you for the generous offer. Will let the rest of my parish know. God Bless us and God Bless SG.

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