My Current Status & Thoughts for the Future

‘Status’ – well, at least in military terms, this represents the current state of a person/unit. To those who play army games such as Medal of Honour, Battlefield & Call of Duty (COD Ghosts is my favourite shooting game so far…) or to those who have already gone through or are undergoing National Service, we have such  terms like KIA, MIA, Active, AWOL and so on. Using the military term of status, I will now write about my current state.

Now, I am a second-year student in ITE. In three months’ time,  after April, I will turn 18, the legal age for almost everything. Not only the legal age but the age of enlistment if there is no deferment. Right now I have a current combined GPA of 2.25. To get into poly, I will need at least 3.8 for Republic Polytechnic, while the best poly for my food sciences course at Singapore Polytechnic requires no less than a GPA of 4.0 which is completely out of my grasp. But if my prayer is answered and the Lord works a miracle, that will help! 

Right now, well I am technically working very hard. I am no longer playing the fool in class. I had purposely held out a part of my humour when in class. Any trace of distraction I try my best to supress to concentrate better. Higher Nitec/Poly?—> Poly, Army, University, Fully Independent Adult= Successful Career/ Business, Get Married, Have a great and beautiful wife, have great kids and grand-kids, retire, prepare for my legacy, pass away peacefully and finally meet God our Almighty Father in Heaven!

What kind of wife or family should I have? My wife?  Right now already I would want a Catholic girlfriend/wife so as to fully celebrate the Sacrament of Matrimony. Ah, a beautiful Catholic partner!  I’ve seen my share of beautiful girls in the church and maybe outside but I have yet to make my decision. I’m still young!

I will continue my food sciences studies, maybe….. Well, that is for my life.

In church, all parishes in our archdiocese will be under reform. We are all adjusting to the “new evangelization” call of our Holy Father. Changes made will mean that we too have to make adjustments.  I am prepared to move to another ministry should it be necessary.

I guess this is the ultimate course of life: You grow up while studying, go out to work, have a family and well, meet our Maker in the end. And in heaven, we will finally have rest.  

Studies, same old routine, all over again; a bit of a worry, but still manageable. After all, it is still life!


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