To know someone…

It struck me today, how often we like to engage in intellectual debates, rationalizing about God, which seems to be a tad overdone these days – and don’t get me wrong, I’m all for intellectual debates and rigorous rationalizing, I’m an engineer and I like good, sound reasoning.

I’d like to draw the analogy with falling in love with that special someone. When we fall in love with that someone, what draws us is the beauty of the person – how pretty she is, what peculiarities that really catch our attention and captivates me, and the like. I then proceed to finding out more about this person, who her friends are, where she stays, her essential biodata, what she likes to eat, what flowers she likes, etc… But I would never dream of stopping at this stage, I’d like to go further – I want to KNOW this person. How can I do that? The only way is through the heart – by talking to her, by starting a conversation with her, by taking her out on dates, to really know WHO she is. I could never hope to know who she is just simply by finding out all the information ABOUT her. No matter how good the information is – her height given to the greatest possible accuracy/precision; her external features described in the most flowery words; a perfect life-sized portrait of her. All these are good and well, for starters, but they are NOT her. I am really interested in getting to know Ms. Special-Someone.

And so it is with knowing God. We can have endless debates and rigorous intellectual debates about God, and who God is – again I say, these are good and important – but what is the point? We want to KNOW WHO God is, and in order to do that, we need to have a “HTHT” (Heart-To-Heart-Talk) type of relationship with him. Then, and only then, will the intellectual reasoning be of any real consequence, only then, would they strengthen the relationship.

In short, get to the “heart” of the matter and then combine the heart and head to build that relationship with God!


One thought on “To know someone…

  1. I like what you have written – it sure gives one the push to work at one’s relationship with our Lord. Not one to be taken lightly too. Thanks, Clarence!

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