The seasons come and go

Old age. . .?

Ah, this is nothing new. I see it in the people who are growing older day by day, and I have been asked too to pray for those who find it harder each day to cope with the normal activities of daily living.

An elderly religious sister pronounced loudly and clearly that with old age comes the added chore of trying to live more serenely. Is it surprising? It ought not to be.

I always maintain that there is a season for everything. One never remains stagnant. If one does, something would be awfully wrong. Just think of the children in your lives. I see a baby one day and a few months later, the baby has become a toddler, and the beauty is that these little ones smile so often, and so sweetly.

Go to the zoo, if you can. See the kid that was born during your last visit and then discover that it is no more a kid. It has become a goat. Or stop by to observe a little caterpillar one wet morning. One day, the caterpillar undergoes another stage of metamorphosis and becomes a butterfly.

 Whether one is talking about people or animals, there are seasons for each one. There are also always challenges. How do the animals cope? I always recall what someone said about animals and their acceptance of their lives and the circumstances that surround them. While we may fret, a carnivorous may just lie down and die quietly in due time. No fan fare. No noise.

So, we see that at each stage, depending so much on how one looks at it, one can also find strength or be thoroughly resentful.  One either has the grace to accept and surrender all or one resists and tries in vain to take control.

In the final analysis, God is always merciful and wise. His wisdom does not allow us to worry unduly. Our days are ordained. No one knows the hour. No one even has any inkling the time and the circumstances.  And if one does, what would the implications be? What would be the final decision a person would make? Nothing is definite. Nothing is final. Herein lies the beauty. Why do I say this?

One is called to live each day fully, abundantly. Each day is a gift to be cherished. How has your day been? I have had a busy one, filled with many duties to complete before I take a few  days away from my ministry. I feel satisfied that I have contributed and done my part this day. I am grateful. The days ahead are going to be pleasant. Visits to the Trappist Monastery – ah, yes! I am looking forward to this.

Till then. . . . live well!


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