To Carmel

I have come just as I am

Nothing more, nothing less

You know it all, my Lord

A blessed time this is

It has to be for You are here.

Delightful, amazingly cool

Here I am just as I am – A sinner

Sick – Homesick for my God






I have need of You

The journey up Carmel

Must be made individually

Alone and in silence

What do your eyes see?

What do your ears hear?

Is your heart at peace?

It is a lonely journey

A hard one

Effort is called for, surely

No helicopter to transport you

No, nothing of that  sort

Just hard work

And as you go

Walk with Jesus

He is your sole Companion

Your Guide, ever faithful

He will direct your path

He will point  out to you

All He wants to show you


Be still

Take some deep breaths

Is it not enough to be with Him whom you love?


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