Lack of Time

If you noticed that I have been defaulting on my articles, you are right. The time when I was a kid and the time now is so different. The timetable is for a soon-to-be full time working adult. What a pain! School from 8:30am to 5pm. I come home at about 6:30pm at the earliest. After school, it’s the weekends.

On both Saturday and Sunday most of the time, without fail, most of that leisure time is spent in the House of God with my other Brothers and Sisters whom I dearly love and treasure. Yup, church is a good and happy thing; you will always find peace when you’re in there

But if stated in terms of time—- 3:30pm to 6:30pm on Saturdays and 11:00am to 12+pm on Sundays. And the rest of my sunday is spent relieving all the stress I have accumulated on the week by playing video games or watching videos on my tablet. Second to that is to write my weekly article for this blog, and I write the journal entry for the week, prepare for school and retire to bed.

So, recently, I had to do one of my school projects which is over and done with, Thanks be to God. However, sometimes I just feel restless and too tired to write an article. Do not worry, I will try my best to post as many articles from this week onwards, especially with the March holidays fast approaching, and I do apologise to the readers for not keeping to my schedule. I have deprived myself of the joy of writing and you reading of reading the articles. Thank you for your understanding. God bless you all!!


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