A Fish With a Wish

Once upon a time, in the beautiful wondrous green city of Singapore, in a unit in one of the city’s many well-known HDB Flats,  there lived a goldfish in a crystal clear fish bowl on a table. The goldfish was known as Thomas, a child of the Moon Spirit and  his brethren were the other sea creatures. He was the pet of a strong-willed girl named Agnes. However, Thomas did not know his “Hybrid” master well, not at all.

One night, Thomas felt really tired of the small enclosed area of his bowl. He longed for freedom, to be able to swim in the Rivers and Oceans of this wondrous world. He longed for space, lots of space.

While thinking about this, Thomas decided to pray to the Moon Spirit to fulfill his wishes. He also thought to himself, ” Some fresh air would also do me good…..” Thomas struggled to come out of his “prison”. No matter how much he struggled, no matter how many times he tried, he could not even lift himself up to the surface of the water.

Giving up, Thomas watched the night sky in sorrow. All he could do was to stare at the moon and daydream about his long wanted freedom.

All of a sudden, a blinding light shone from the heavens. The light was so bright and glaring that Thomas had to close his eyes. He was in utter shock, wondering what  this light was and what was going on also.

When all sight was clear, outside the window just near the table, there was a star. ” Who are you, great star? Have you come to help me?” Thomas said to the star. The star replied, ” I am Aquila, servant of Artemis, the Moon Spirit. I have been sent by my master to grant your wish. Your wish will be given on one condition, and it must be something that is associated with what the Moon teaches us.”

Thomas, ignoring what Aquila said about his conditions, made his wish, ” Great Star, I wish to be a magnificient creature of the sea,  a Great Blue Whale perhaps. Then I need not be caught as a pet and I need not worry about sharks as I will be bigger and tougher than them. All sea creatures will adore and love me!” Aquila, having heard this, was reluctant to grant that wish. Also Thomas had broken the great  commandment of the Moon Spirit which was simply to help each other whether it be a sea or land creature. ” What have I told you? Your wish should be to benefit not just yourself but others too. A whale? The hybrids that live above us would fish you for your meat. Do you want to perish just like that? Artemis is already doing a lot to stop this overfishing of your brothers and sisters.”

Thomas, still unbroken and defiant, made another wish, “In that case, Great Star, let me live among the hybrids or even better, above the hybrids, let me be one of the great flying beasts, a Hawk perhaps. And  in the night sky, I would be closer to the heavens and to the Moon.” Again, Aquila sighed. Again had Thomas made such a selfish wish. ” A Hawk. You do not desire to be a sea creature anymore? I hate to tell you this. Artemis had received messages from the other servants of the Great All-Maker. The flying creatures, especially the beautiful and great ones, are hunted for their feathers as decorations. You will be shot by hunters. “

After hearing this, Thomas became really annoyed and his patience ran out. ” Aquila, servant of the Moon Spirit! Your orders are to serve the children of the Moon, and yet you deny all my wishes. What a bugger you are…” Before Thomas could continue, Aquila wrathfully replied, ” Thomas, son of the Moon! Indeed I am Artemis’ servant, but her orders are only to grant wishes that follow her one simple commandment: to help other people!” Having heard this, Thomas was devastated as he had committed something very bad and even defied the teachings of Artemis, the Moon Spirit.

” I am sorry, Thomas, but you leave me no choice. I take my leave now.” and Aquila vanished in thin air. Really regretful Thomas saw that he had ruined his own chance of getting his wishes. Then he heard the opening of the room door. Agnes, his hybrid owner had finally come home. Thomas took a full look at his master. ” She’s…. handicapped. She’s unlike the other hybrids who can stand with their two legs.” Thomas knew what he wanted to wish for. Trapped in that wheelchair of hers, Agnes was the same as Thomas, stuck to their own confinements.

As Agnes retired for the night, in the dark, Thomas cried out for Aquila. ” Great Star, I require your help. This time I want to make a wish with a good intention. And so Aquila came back and Thomas told him what he wished for, ” Great Star, I wish that my hybrid master will be like the others of her species. Let her walk on her great two legs. Oh star, this is my wish.” With a wink in Aquila’s eye,  the wish was performed. Aquila then cast magic at Agnes’ body as she slept. ” Your wish has been done, child of the Moon. She is proud of you.” Saying this, Aquila disappeared one last time.

Night passed and Day Light came. ” Wow, a miracle! I can finally walk! Let’s go tell everyone.” Agnes was rejoicing that she was able to walk like any other person. Thomas looked at her and was proud of both himself and Agnes, his owner. This wish was worth it!  He even learnt to accept the small space he was in. Yes, Thomas became one really happy fish!



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