Commentary: A Fish with a wish

So this article is to elaborate more on the article, “A Fish with a wish” . So my story is based on the original story of the same name written by Ethan Crownberry. My self-written story is similar to that of the story only that I just twisted it a little to include some of our Christian morals. The original story: Same ideal that the Fish who was not named wanted freedom, took advantage of his wishes. In the original, the fish had more than the two wishes stated in my story. His wishes were actually granted rather than contradicted by the Star. Besides a Whale and a Bird, the fish also turned into a Tiger but was trapped in a tiger trap.  So the Star was fed up as the fish had taken the wishes for granted. And so the fish looked at his owner who was handicapped and similar to the story lacked freedom from the confines of the owner’s wheelchair, thus the good wish was made.

So character naming:

The Goldfish: Thomas—– I had a pet lobster when I was 9 to 10 and its name was Tommy (Back then, I wasn’t that smart enough to think of another name) He died in around late 2006.

The Star: Aquila—- The Latin word for ‘star’

The moon spirit, Artemis: Artemis was the name of the Hellenistic pagan goddess of the hunt, forest and moon. Also I stated in the story that the sea creatures were the children of Artemis. Why this is so? Several Ancient Chinese Mythology had a theory that the moon was indeed a spirit that was related to the water and the sea creatures; Either that or I should just say I was inspired by the cartoon franchise: Avatar: the Last Airbender.

The girl: Agnes: Named after Saint Agnes

And also humans are named as hybrids. I wrote it from the point of view that I too am an animal myself and that if I was an animal, truly humans are the hybrids, blessed by God and we should be grateful for that.

Now, my twist of the story. If you look clearly, there are a lot of Christian references which I have put in this story.

-Sea creatures are Children of the Moon spirit= We are created in God’s own image and are called his sons and daughters, the Church of Christ Jesus the Lord.

-Aquila the Star= Our conscience— Our conscience is in fact the Holy Spirit in your very heart speaking to you and telling you what is right. But yet, most of the time, like Thomas, I defy the teachings of Jesus by Sin when he had sacrificed his life just for to save me. But I know he forgives me and still loves me unconditionally.

– Bad wishes= Some of us (you should know who you are), I apologise if I offend you but I am merely speaking the truth. Some of us pray for the bad things such as maybe vengeance, power and prosperity. This is like a pagan praying to their false gods to defeat their enemies. We are not to be like that as we are called to forgive and love our enemies. Personally, I find it hard sometimes, but in the end, the grace of God just flows through me, enabling me to do anything that the Devil would not want me to do. The Devil has no power over me. I belong to Jesus.

-All-maker= Many would ask, who is this all-maker? This answer is so obvious even to a three year old child. He’s our Father in Heaven, and the moon spirit,  in fact,  might actually be a (fictional) archangel of God.

– Impatience= This happens to a lot of people who pray but do not receive what they have asked for. Because of this, we become angry, frustrated and disappointed that maybe our prayers aren’t successful.

-One commandment, Help others= In this case of our 10 original commandments: In the case, Thou shalt not covet. Thomas wanted all these things; he wanted in a selfish way where Jesus’ Commandment is Love, meaning we also have to help each other.

-Miracles= I believe in miracles indeed, especially when I had a test at around 4 to 5+ on Ash Wednesday. By the grace of God, I passed even if it meant by a little. In the deep, deep water, He catches me and brings me afloat. He has saved me. Hey, great prompt for a new article! I think that for miracles, I remember this phrase from Matthew 7:7— “Ask, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.”

So that is the end of the commentary. I really hope to have a rewritten version of the Fish with a wish.


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