A new writing group

John 15: 5 talks about our inability to do anything apart from our Lord who gives us the grace we need. It is not that we can do nothing. We can ask, seek and knock and we can have expectant faith to believe that our Lord, always so generous and gracious, will answer, give us what we are searching for and open opportunities for us. Of course, there is a condition attached, and what is that condition?

We will get what we ask for if it is for our good. We will seek and find if it is to our benefit and if we knock hard and long enough, with patience and trust, we can be sure that we will be able to proceed from that point onwards. It all sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Well, it is. We just exercise our faith and leave the entire matter at hand to our good Lord.

And so, with this, I am asking our Lord if we should start a writing group. This group will meet regularly, and be committed to being a  part of the community of writers. This idea sounds exciting, and I love it! It comes from one of our contributors, and I am prepared to lend support to this new enterprise. One noteworthy point is the call for us to form cell groups that share the same interests. So, think and pray about this!

Journaling is a great gift. Writing in a group and sharing is just so wonderful. So let us search deeper and look within our hearts. Should such a writing group be started, we will have to decide on the ones who will be invited, the ones who will contribute to the blog and other expectations. All the questions at hand can be brought up and discussed, of course. So, keep seeking and we may just find the right  group.

Finally, let us knock long and hard at the doors we find still closed.  May God help us!


2 thoughts on “A new writing group

    1. Would be so pleased to meet up with you for this purpose. Am thinking of it on a monthly or bi monthly basis. Keep praying!

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