April’s Rain

April’s rain
There has been a lot of talk about rain recently ; about water in particular and I want to write a little about water from several perspectives

Certainly we all know one can live without food for weeks but without water life ceases to exist in days ; our earth is filled with loads of them and so is our human body. In the recent gospel reading, the Samaritan woman was asking Jesus for the eternal water to drink that will quench her thirst.

Singapore is facing a mini-drought, one of the longest period without rain. My life is faced with a little drought as well. Drought in the sense, I am longing for a change which I am hoping is God’s will and His plans. However, I am still waiting for the rain to fall on me and meanwhile I continue to dig the trenches and the reservoirs to wait for this rain which will come. It is God’s timing that I have to accept to be perfect and infinitely wise

My dad who was recently hospitalised and slipped into a severe pneumonia is now unable to drink water from the mouth and he needs to be fed through a tube . This keeps him alive and he definitely would like otherwise. Today I did not go to see him yet but it is really painful to see him in that way but at least this is keeping him well. The most poignant moment is when he kept telling me and the maid he wanted to go home to die. Well I have digressed and strayed a little from the topic of water. But coming back to water ; yes ! something so basic like drinking water is being denied to my father who will asphyxiate if he drinks water orally. I continue to pray that our actions are correct and loving.

Water has been the final resting ground for the ill fated missing plane MH370 who “ended their journey” in the southern Indian ocean. For almost three weeks, the whole world stood fixated to this aviation – a most bizarre and frustrating case. We pray that the same waters that have given them the final physical resting ground can also be the same healing waters of grace that will touch the hearts of the families and relatives of the flight MH370.

Lastly I can only drink water from now and fast as I am preparing myself for a health screening tomorrow

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