The Sacred Heart of our Lord

In the Tuesday Gospel of Holy Week we contemplate Jesus reclining at table with his disciples the night before his death. It is the night before His death on the Cross, and our Lord Jesus is troubled. Who wouldn’t be? Someone who has been with him would in a matter of hours betray Him with a kiss.

Still, the Sacred Heart of Jesus loves us.  That is why He died for us even while we were still sinners! This is the Heart that loves unconditionally, unfailingly.

The Beloved Disciple rests his head against Jesus’ chest and asks “Master, who is it?” John the Beloved disciple hears the words of his Master. So often we too long to draw close to our Lord, to listen to the very heartbeat of our Lord. And so I lean near. I allow my ears to press against the chest of my Lord. I want to hear His heartbeat say over and over again.

I love you, my child. I have loved you with an everlasting love. My love is forever. Come, lean against my chest, and hear my heartbeat say unceasingly. . . . I love you, my child.

This is the Sacred Heart with a love beyond our understanding. A love so deep, so true, so tender! This is the Precious Heart of Jesus with a love that never fails!

Won’t you too draw near to love the Sacred Heart of Jesus?






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