Music: Resurrection of my passion

Before I start, I would like to wish a happy and joyful Easter to all the readers and my fellow writers. Let us rejoice! Alleluia! For the Lord has risen!

Surprisingly, as the Lord resurrected, so my passion for music was revived in me too. I am proud to announce that I am back in the Music Industry, as a bass singer in a Parish Choir of the Church of the Holy Spirit. As of today, I am an official member. There will be many challenges ahead of me as a singer serving the Lord,  and singing with the people of God at mass. The level of discipline that every musician requires is what I have to regain.  It has been two years since I stopped playing music.

So, I am sure everyone may be wondering: ” How in the world did Ryan/ Constantine get into the choir?” Yesterday during the Easter Vigil ( I will write a separate article about it), after my chores lining up the towels on the floor where the neophytes had to walk to the exit, I was singing along. We were all singing the hymns and I was doing that too, as usual, and I was doing my  best to glorify the Lord. One of the RCIA people (I don’t really know his name) who was sitting in the pew just in front of me was so impressed by my singing that he told me to meet him today after 11am mass. I did. I met the conductor, and the other choir members who will soon be my friends. I am a bass singer by the way.

I feel that, being in the choir…. Not too confident but maybe it is God’s calling for me, his reward for me, to return to the musical career, to use my passion to serve him. I say, ” Lord, I feel so humble . . .  for you have chosen me to serve you as a musician in the parish. I thank thee, Lord.”

Excited, really excited. I shall be there in the choir at 11am mass this coming Divine Mercy Sunday.

I have been waiting for two years to return to this kind of work, but now I need to develop my talent for music for the Lord. I will do this just as I have been developing my talent for writing. 

Music!  Oh how I love music but Father, how I love you even more for you are always ever-knowing and have gifted me with my talent in music.  I thank thee Lord for the chance to go back to the Music Industry. I need not worry about my passion and my church commitments clashing anymore because now I shall sing in the service of the Lord.

Thanks be to God, I have returned to my passion of music so as to serve him. Thank you, Lord!!


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