The inevitable end

Strange, but this fascinates me somehow, somewhat

Not sometimes, but rather on a consistent basis

What am I referring to

Ah, I remember the one that talks of flies buzzing round the head

and I was thinking how it could be so, and why must it be so

Yes, my ideas are muddled up, jumbled up

Like the thoughts that now run so quickly, too quickly for me to record them

I am speaking of the inevitable end

I am referring to death, sister death as Francis would say

And why not?

We were all there this morning to say our good byes

No, I did not.

It was just so cool, so calm

The man who gave the eulogy actually sniggered

Such fond memories

Strange, yes, strange indeed

That parting should be such sweet sorrow

And why not?

The inevitable end doesn’t really finish one off

Life is not ended

It is simply changed and for that

we can all be grateful

Our faith tells us so

Our faith gives us that assurance

Blessed assurance

God is there

waiting for each one

Ready for that eternal dance

I love that homily

I could  almost imagine the scene

Fra Angelico, did the preacher say?

A dance in paradise

Ah, I look forward to that inevitable end

To that eternal dance of love and joy and peace!


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