18th Birthday, coming of age

Every person will come to this stage, a point of great happiness, pride but also sorrow. First, why it is sorrow for me? 18 years old,  and I have come of age.  I am already considered an adult, so called the age of legality. While having reached this age, we are on the verge of going into the hostile world, the same one created by God, meant to be a paradise for all men alike. I wish to still be a kid, but this is the nature of life. People grow up, they marry a good spouse and are a blessed married couple. They have a blessed family with blessed children given by God for us to guide them to him in the end. Then they grow old and WE will return to our Lord and be immortals very high in the Kingdom of our Lord .  I will accept my life as this is the will of our Lord for me.

Coming to the positive side, as I had written in one or two of my previous articles, the doctors I had as a child told my parents that I would live till I was 5 years of age, but still here I am by the love and grace of God and his miracles, celebrating my birthday with my blessed family and friends, especially my friends at the church that he had gifted me with.

Praise the Lord for I am still alive, to serve him in most ways that I can. Life is precious as it is from God and my life is truly blessed with a good family and friends. Everyday we have food on the table, mostly meat that we take for granted even despite saying our graces. When we go out, we need not worry much about being pinched, robbed or murdered. We are at peace here on our earthly paradise of Singapore, free from wars and conflicts that happen around in other parts of the world. Truly I thank God for this.

Lord, I thank you  for blessing and protecting me all these years. I truly thank you. In return, I will worship and revere you faithfully till my passing of this world to the next. O Lord,  that I may finally be with you. Continue blessing me and my loved ones all the years of our time on this beloved Earth you have created. Amen.


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