The movie – Son of God

The chance came, and I got to see the movie ‘Son of God’. I went with an open mind, prepared to allow the movie to keep me focussed on the key Person, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

So, it was with a prayer that I started, seeking the Lord’s grace to let  me receive what He would like me to take from the movie.

The movie started with John the Beloved Disciple on an island, and the whole movie unfolded with John recalling how it had all started. By this I mean, John’s own life, his relationship with the Son of God, and so on.

The movie ended with the death of John who was welcomed into the eternal embrace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Holy One of Israel. . . the One who loves us, making all things new!

What did I like about the time I spent? For about a little over two hours, I was seated with my eyes glued to the screen. The life of the One whom God the Father had sent was to be the main attraction. Of course, it was just a movie. But it was all about Him, the One I am following, the One I have given my life to. . . . So that was time well spent. I had the grace to pray in my heart at certain moments. I was connected in a spiritual way.

I enjoyed certain scenes which came across powerfully. I liked the scene where the disciples were in the boat and there was a terrible storm. They were frantically trying to do what they could when our Lord Jesus walked on water and came near them. Peter the rock on which the church has been built walked bravely towards Jesus. It was a tense moment! Then he fell into the water but the Hands of God lifted him up! Praise God!

(I liked this scene because it reminded me of an incident  years ago . . . but this is another story.)

The point is, it also served to teach me how very crucial it is that my walk with God must always be based on trust. I can trust my God who loves me. He will see me through. With Him, all things are possible. Praise God!

The critic in me will now speak. I must say that the movie is not accurate in various ways.  Liberty has been taken to just make the characters speak and that was the reason why the quotations were not taken wholesale. The other point I would say is that it is fine for people who are not familiar with the bible and therefore, with the way the Gospels are written. But for people who know the Gospels well, it can be very disappointing. Call it artistic license, perhaps, and the disappointment will be greatly reduced. Still, this is not good enough for me. I am particular about the presentation.

For example, the seven last words of Jesus given in the movie were not in the right order. Jesus in the story was dying but he was made to speak quite normally. I suppose it is hard for me to ignore the fact that here was our Lord, in his last moments of his life on earth. He had been badly scourged, and he had suffered so much. He had been put in a dungeon. He had been deprived of food since the Last Supper. In such a terrible state, it was hard for me to accept the fact that he could be made to seem as if it was no big deal that he was dying, nailed to the cross!

Besides this, I also found it hard to accept the scene where the fish and loaves were multiplied. It seemed really odd that the fish were all so tiny, and they were raw and uncooked. Were those people going to eat uncooked fish?

Okay, okay. . . .I am talking about the way the movie has been filmed. Yes, that is true. On a low budget, I suppose there are limitations. But I would have appreciated it better if….. if …. if…..Sorry about this!

Allow me to conclude that I did enjoy the movie. I was prepared to overlook the ‘mistakes’ or lack of a high standard of movie making. I also want to say that there were several moments in the movie when my tears just flowed and I was thankful. Thankful that our Father in  heaven loves us so much. He has sent His Son Jesus to save us. On this, I rest my case. Please do watch the movie. Like me, you will also like some parts. Praise God!



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