Have you found Him?

He comes to us as One unknown, without a name, as of old, by the lake-side; He came to those men who knew Him not. He speaks to us the same word: ‘Follow thou me!’ and sets us to the tasks which He has to fulfill for our time. He commands. And to those who obey Him, whether they be wise or simple, He will reveal Himself in the toils, the conflicts, the sufferings which they shall pass through in His fellowship, and, as an ineffable mystery, they shall learn in their own experience Who He is.

The Quest of the Historical Jesus (New York: MacMillan, 1956), p. 403.


Absolutely beautiful from Albert Schweitzer!

Got to admit that I have never heard of this before. I checked it out on the internet and found it easily. Praise the Lord!   I only heard it a few minutes ago  from a woman theologian in her conversation with Fr. James Martin, one of my favourite Jesuit priests. Wow!

Normally I would put off sitting through a you tube video  that lasts more than an hour, or I may watch it in parts. But for this particular one, I just could not stop listening to it until it all ended. A wonderful time it was for me. It enriched my faith. It made me so happy to be a part of the big Catholic family of God, and to know that the Lord Jesus has shown us the Happy Ending.

Some points one could take note of includes these: That one ought to pray with honesty. Jesus taught us that in the Garden of Gethsemane. He was totally human too and he prayed that if it were possible, he would not drink the cup of suffering. But he did, and we love you for that, dearest Lord!

The next point is that one can believe in God even if one  does not understand everything. Sacred mysteries. How can one like me, with my puny mind, be able to understand what is heavenly? No, not me. But it is fine. I shall continue to trust in the Lord. NO wonder that our Lord gave us these five words: Jesus, I trust in you!

Last but not least, one must remember that Good Friday is not the end of our story. It is EASTER! ALLELUIA! Ours is a story that ends in triumph! So, let us never forget this.

Praise God for Fr. James Martin. I learn lots from his humility and his honesty.

And now we must go and look for OUR Jesus! You need to look for yours and I will look for mine. To do this, we have the usual requirements demanded of all who seriously wish to know, love and serve the Lord!


4 thoughts on “Have you found Him?

  1. Oh my! What a surprise! Who would have dreamed that you, Fr. James Martin, SJ, would know about this blog? Praise God!

    1. Thank you, thank you and thank you! “Love for the Good Shepherd must be translated into love for God’s people.” Thank you so much! You have made my day! Praise God!

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