The Social Media and Internet

Isn’t it great to be living in this era? It’s the 21st Century and the age of modernization. When I was 5, I couldn’t have dreamt of owning a hand phone. I had just a Game-Boy Colour and I used to play Pokemon and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Today, though I am a bit jealous, I see all my young nephews and nieces with smart phones , and  they play mobile games.  My first handphone was Nokia and all I could play was the snake game.
I was lucky as a child of six when my family was rich enough to obtain internet access.  Now almost everyone has internet in their homes and smart phones via 3G/4G. We have applications for certain websites such as WordPress, which I have just installed on my mobile devices, meaning I can post articles more quickly and easier at anytime, anywhere without my laptop. Isn’t the Internet great? A man-made luxury in which the Lord has given the grace for us to invent.
While the Internet is good when used correctly and for the correct intentions, it is also bad when used in a wrong way. The evils are obvious:  Pornography, Cyber-Bullying, Illegal sites, online piracy etc.  No matter the case, the Internet is a great place to meet other Catholics in our worldwide Church. It is so convenient to view reflections and online homilies by priests or ordinary people such as our website. Thanks be to God for the gift of the Internet.

Now with the WordPress app installed on my mobile devices, I can post articles faster and without having to always depend on my computer(s) ——> I have two computers at home: The Family PC and my personal laptop. Praise God!


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