A Love Letter to my Beloved

Remember when I wrote about getting a Catholic wife, to fully celebrate the sacrament of matrimony. Now might be not the time but in the near future perhaps I shall write a love letter to the lady whom I want to court. Even though I say in the near future, I think I have several chosen candidates at church already.

Here is how the love letter would go.

Dear Beloved,

                     As gentle as flowers in a garden. Whenever I see you or get to be with you, my day becomes as bright as God’s Sun. Oh, I would be in Cloud Nine. Actually, not just on Cloud Nine, it would be as if I’m already in Heaven, with you right beside me. And there, Angels of Heaven shall sing in joy of our love. For we are both God’s Children and faithful servants, I am sure we will be a blessed couple by God. Oh How I love you so! I hope your feelings for me are equally the same as the fondness I show for you. God willing. One day: We shall be together! I love you.

Love, Constantine


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