Stealthily it comes. . .like a thief



A word that could strike fear in those totally unprepared.

A word that could leave one cold, especially if it is not natural.

Death comes like a thief. It is what our Lord has warned us and it is clear that we need to be prepared for this. But how does one prepare when one is in the prime of life and death is the last notion on one’s mind?

Even for those who are almost at the end of the time allowed, and one is thinking of those in their nineties, death can be unexpected too. Perhaps the one dying is not that badly affected since such a person may already have many incapacities. The living are the ones who have the harder role, perhaps. Can one say this as a general observation? Perhaps not.

Death. One has to face it someday, somehow. The best way is already known to each of us. The best way is to expect it. So, what does that mean? Simply to live each day fully. Simply to stop sweating the small stuff. Simply to forgive. Simply to let God do as He will, and for us to seek his perfect will.

In this life time so many have had the joy and the privilege to see with their own eyes the incorruptible bodies of saints including St John Mary Vianney (see photo), St Vincent de Paul, St Catherine Laboure, St Bernadette and others. It is possible that one comes away with a different perspective about the idea of death. 

Death is  seen as entry to the eternal life. The focus is no longer fear but a yearning for final and complete union with our Lord and our Blessed Mother and all the saints, including our loved ones and friends,  and even those with whom we have had tough times. In the final analysis, it is preparation for the eternal banquet in the eternal kingdom.

What a thought! How inspiring!

Ah, death, where is your victory? Where is your sting?

The Christian with faith has the final say, then. When death comes to take us home to our Lord Jesus, Judge of the Living and the Dead, know that our lives do not end, they are simply changed. Praise the Lord!




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