Talking about food. . .


Someone asked me to check out the food that we would be served. I am pleased to say that I had the grace to enjoy everything served me during my trip. In fact, I ate so well and so much that I gained some weight. It would have been more if I had not had the grace to walk for long stretches, to climb hilly slopes and to make myself go on long walks and do the very challenging Stations of the Cross, especially at Lourdes. P1160052

It was a real blessing to be able to make the pilgrimage to so many places.  If one had been told how much walking and climbing one had to do, perhaps some people might be discouraged and not want to go. Praise the Lord for the grace! I am still fit and I am thankful for this! Alleluia! Praise the Lord!

Coming back to the food. . . .P1150052

Key items that remain in my mind, long after the food have all been digested. . . .  Let me mention just one staple item. Fresh bread from the oven. French loaves that come in different sizes. Croissants that taste so heavenly. I had them for breakfast on most days. Hmm. . .  Beautiful! I just loved the smell of freshly baked bread. One could eat them  plain or with cheese or butter or marmalade. No matter what, I took them often with black coffee, and this was only ONE good food item.


Thank God for His divine providence! More than earthly bread, I was most thankful and grateful for the Bread of Life come down from heaven to feed me, to nourish me and to give me strength for the journey home. We had masses daily, and on my last day in Fatima, I was blessed enough to attend a mass in Polish. I had gone to say thanks to our Lady at five thirty in the morning all by myself. One mass had just ended and another was going to start. So, there I was, grateful, so grateful for the Eucharistic Bread of Life, True Flesh of our Lord!

And in a couple of weeks from now, we will rejoice as we celebrate the Solemnity of Corpus Christi! Praise God!



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