Forgive, forgive, forgive. . .


Fr. Matthew Linn SJ is a good story teller. But his stories are personal and they are real. He has such a wealth of life experiences, and the Lord has blessed him with the gifts of the Spirit, enabling him to minister to those who seek healing.

Tonight was the second session, and we heard a real story of a Mathematics teacher and a student who was a drinker. Then we had a healing session. We were put in twos or threes. As I was sitting with my friend, it seemed right that we formed a twosome. So there we were.

To summarise, I was sitting on her right and so I ended up praying for her. She was to receive the love of Christ from me. I was simply to hold her hand and allow the love of God in  me to flow to her. The beautiful part of the entire experience was that I began to feel deeply for the person whose hand I was holding. It seemed to me that her happiness depended on my prayer and so, as I allowed the love of God to flow to her, and as she received God’s love, I also noticed that tears were rolling down both our cheeks. I felt the compassion of God. I was reaching out in love. I thought of times when Jesus ministered and how he too must have been deeply moved. Praise God!

Later, on our way home, we shared our experience of that healing session. Indeed, she did feel deeply loved. For this and for all that Fr. Matthew spoke about regarding healing in stages, I thank and praise God. What a wonderful God we serve!

Lord, you are just great! So loving, so gentle, so kind. . . Praise God!



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