Prejudice or Instinct?

He was sightless and liked to hold hands
With all and sundry if he can
Twice I offered and twice I shuddered
Strokes and caresses I can’t stand.

Is this my neighbor Lord seeking a friend?
Is this my neighbor Lord needing a hand?
When I averted my eyes like the rest of them
Did I too fail the test and be damned?

Good touch, bad touch it’s hard to tell
Was it prejudice or instinct that made that call?
Pray tell me Lord how to break down walls
That stop us from following your call.

Other women said the same
He used his status to snare dames
That he thought they were fair game
And would take it meek and tame.

I thought I was behaving cruelly
Neglected my call, my duty
Now my heart no longer beats guilty
Thank you Lord for answering me truly.




One thought on “Prejudice or Instinct?

  1. I can understand this. . . charity and discernment that tells one that there is more to it than meets the eye.

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